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Frequently Asked Questions
about OctoLeo Services

What are the services that OctoLeo provides?
  • Each OctoLeo customer and their ideals are unique, and we want to hear from you what you need and how we can simplify your business software integrations. Customization is our game and we need to hear your ideas and ideals.
  • Our experts also provide business consultations for online cloud systems and integration
How does OctoLeo Evaluate Business Needs?
  • OctoLeo analyses existing critical systems in your work environment and determines ways to better automate and integrate these into a more simplistic workflow for IT departments.
Does OctoLeo provide system integration services internationally?
  • OctoLeo serves a large international client base and is not limited to locality. We set up platforms for correspondence and workflow management. Conference tools enable us to have online video conferences and collaborate on project management platforms to keep everyone in the tea
Which license is on OctoLeo’s projects?
  • All of OctoLeo’s public, open source projects are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2. Here you can read more on GNU Licenses
What sets OctoLeo apart?
  • OctoLeo offers services that empower companies and IT departments to glean from our experience through private consultation. This in turn can save companies a lot of money as they implement our integration mechanisms while gaining an in-depth understanding of freely available—but hidden—tech secrets. In doing so, they become liberated from tech giants. The OctoLeo team is able to coach willing IT departments to use available resources to take over major outsourced tasks thereby reducing running costs.
Cloud Systems OctoLeo uses and develops for
  • OctoLeo’s main development framework for online business systems is called Joomla!® Component Builder.
  • This in turn makes us Joomla! specialists for your web presence.
  • We are proficient in Bash Scripting, CPP, PHP, and many more web-based languages and server-side scripting.
What is Joomla! Component Builder (JCB)?
  • This Component Builder for Joomla! is highly advanced, truly able to build extremely complex components in a fraction of the time. OctoLeo’s lead developer also developed JCB in 2015 and continues to maintain it with great excitement. He usually says this tool will change the Joomla! world.
Does OctoLeo develop for other content management systems than Joomla!?
  • OctoLeo provides expert Joomla! Services. It is the only CMS in the PHP world we work in and support because of Joomla!’s excellent application development opportunities for cloud systems. In other programming worlds like Python we support Django and run multiple Open EdX (learning management systems); in Go we support a number of projects like Gitea. In CPP there is really no limit, whatever your needs may be.
How does OctoLeo make money if all their projects are free and available?
  • The business strategy of OctoLeo is not conventional, yet it is transformational. We invite collaboration on public projects and to gain as many contributors as possible we provide full use of these resources for free. Nevertheless this does not mean our services are free. We provide consulting services as well as development services as expert developers at a competitive price.
    • Freedom software is not always free of charge. It gives the user freedom to change the view and change the code.
    • Freedom software is not always freely available. Read the following questions to understand better
      • Will OctoLeo keep our project private?
      • What freedom does OctoLeo promise?

Our Freedom Voice

Will OctoLeo keep our project private?
  • Each client of OctoLeo and their projects are served with utmost care of their security and privacy. We maintain non-disclosure agreements with our premium clients. All project development is done in high security environments that keeps trade secrets and systems exclusive. This practically means that while we have countless public projects we have far more private projects that are exclusive to each client.
How will our software be licensed?
  • It will depend on the project as well as the client. We do not enforce any specific licensing on our clients. Yet our public projects will always be licensed in a freedom software way.
What freedom does OctoLeo promise?
  • OctoLeo gives the client full access to their project’s source code. This promotes full ownership to the client and enables them freedom to maintain and further develop their software systems without OctoLeo.
    • We do not make our clients dependent on us.
    • We promise full transparency of the source code.
    • We develop software with easy maintenance in mind.
What should I prepare for the business consultation?
  • Bring your big idea and we will find a way to make it reality.
  • Bring along an IT professional if you will need some technical interpretation.