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Time Management

Time is your most valuable asset. Time cannot be renewed or created. OctoLeo projects are all about saving you time.
As a company, one of OctoLeo’s greatest naeeds is to invest our time wisely by automating our workflow. We offer solutions that save you time, just as it has done for us.


Transparency is where freedom lies. OctoLeo offers software with an open code base to developers and private clients alike. All our public projects are licensed under GNU GPL V2, so the source code is open to all.
Private clients may retain full private ownership of the software we develop for them. Our promise is that you as the owner have full access to your code at all times. We do not hide anything from the owners. We design & develop according to your specifications and you get the keys.


Most global integrative technologies are built up of various critical systems, which if one fails it affects the whole.
At Octoleo, we take security very seriously and do everything in our power to ensure all cloud-based systems that OctoLeo creates and maintains are built with utmost care for security. This also ensures client and visitor privacy, which OctoLeo places high value on.

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