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Container Deployment Made Easy for Joomla!

  • Stable
  • Robust
  • Extensive
  • High Speed
With this script, you can easily deploy docker containers of Joomla and Openssh. The combination of these tools gives rise to a powerful and very secure shared development environment.
OctoJoom has command input options as seen in the menus below, but these commands are not the only way to set these values. When the values are omitted, you will be asked in the terminal to manually enter the required values as needed.
Furthermore, the use of env variables are also heavily used across the script. There is more than one .env file, and the script will set those up for you. Whenever you run a task that makes use of env variables, the script will check if those values exist, and if they don't, it will ask for them and store them automatically for future use. At the same time, the output message to the terminal will show you where the specific .env file can be found.
Note: OctoJoom is only for ubuntu/debian systems at this time (should you like to use it on other OS's please open an issue…)

Octojoom Advanced Features

  • Setup Traefik as entry-point egress router for all containers
  • Setup, Delete, and Edit containers
  • Bulk deploy containers
  • Auto deploy containers
  • Migrate containers, and folders to remote hosts
  • User has full editing ability of the container
  • Switches: Enable all and disable all enabled containers
  • Octojoom creates a Docker compose yaml file with all needed configurations of the container
  • Automatically deploy portainer: browser interface for docker containers
  • Openssh collaborations: intensely secure access to multiple users for multiple containers

Get ready for Lightning Fast Docker Deployment

Built to run in Terminal with minimal effort

Overcome Any Obstacle

OctoJoom provides a very stable solution for Joomla! users to continue seamless Docker deployments for local development as well as production.

We took automation to the next level. While freedom of choice remains yours, we took the guesswork upon ourselves.

OctoJoom was developed with agility in mind to provide a solution that will continue to be supported well into the future. Most projects conceived by OctoLeo are born out of need within our own software infrastructure—where the need for automation and integration arise. As our projects fulfill our own personal objectives, we need to continue development, support, and maintenance for the projects to provide continued improvement of our own infrastructure.

Now you can deploy your next container in a whole new way.


$ sudo curl -L "" -o /usr/local/bin/octojoom
$ sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/octojoom