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OctoLeo Signature

Most global integrative technologies are built up of various critical systems, which if one fails it affects the whole. At Octoleo, our expertise lies in automated integration of global critical systems. We specialize in holistic software architecture to ensure stability and security with low complexity for the end user.

Our Lead Developer

OctoLeo has been a passion burning in the heart of lead developer, Llewellyn van der Merwe. Meet him as the visionary mind behind OctoLeo and its software that has been changing the way people can integrate software and processes.

OctoLeo Projects

OctoLeo has a host of newly developed freedom software tools, specifically written in bash, CPP and Go for fast and powerful handling of various complex tasks. Our freedom software showcase projects are available to all who can find it useful. It is built to serve their purpose within specific infrastructures, like Joomla! These are by no means the limit of what we can do at OctoLeo. We constantly look for more opportunities to extend, automate, and integrate critical business systems.

Why OctoLeo?

The concept for the name OctoLeo is a fusion of “octo” meaning eight and “leo” which is Greek for lion. Foremost, the octopus, literally having eight legs, is known for its versatile ingenuity. In programming, we use fast versioning control by Git daily.

Git’s octopus merge is one of its most complex merges. This complex versatility incorporating our lead developer’s name, Llewellyn, which is a derived form of lion in Welsh, helped us come up with OctoLeo.

OctoLeo Vision

With this arsenal, we ultimately want to set a trend for business owners to use online resources in new and unexplored ways that liberates and empowers them.
  • OctoLeo’s presence will help people understand that complex tasks can have simple solutions.
  • Our passion is to present people with the opportunity to see real results with products that are beyond the norm.
  • OctoLeo has a knowledge base that many big corporations have been using to gain control of the market. Often the frameworks that support most online systems are opensourced software.
  • We opensource knowledge to IT departments.

Ultimately, OctoLeo has the heart to liberate an industry from years of exploitation. OctoLeo is not merely a business venture but also an emancipation movement advocating for freedom software to gain the recognition it deserves.

You’ve heard what makes us passionate about code and software

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