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OctoLeo on Client Freedom

03 March, 2022

Software as Wood

For many years now we have been promoting freedom software and its principles for businesses and developers alike. Recently our lead developer wrote an article that was published in Joomla! Community Magazine: Making Software Wood Again. The article compares software with wood as a craft and how the developer being as the carpenter sells his furniture to clients at a cost but without any further restrictions as to what a person can do with the product. And then the next person could be a carpenter also and further craft the wood or improve the design. Even add upholstery and a fresh coat of paint and sell it again for further profit. And again the next buyer becomes the full and uncontested owner of the said piece of furniture to do with it as they please.

Code Carpenter

This all speaks allegorically to explain how software should be freely developed, distributed, and used. At Octoleo we hold to this model and hope to see a change in the perspective of both consumers and developers we are reaching with our products. We continue to strive to produce high-end software solutions to simplify and automate complex systems and place it in the hands of those to whom its simplicity has been hidden.

freedom software

Our Advantage

We have delved into the world of code and software for many years, and are not content to tread the common path of proprietary software but rather find solutions to resolve technical issues while staying beyond the control of proprietary licensing to continue to provide our public projects free for all to use. This has opened to us a wealth of knowledge that too many companies continue to pay exuberant fees for while the architecture on which these costly systems are built is actually freedom software at its core.

What does all of this mean for you, our client?

When we build software for our clients it is like the wood a carpenter uses. We hide nothing from you. We believe in full transparency of your codebase. When you pay for our services the software we develop is yours, and you are able to see every line of code and do with it as you please. That is the freedom we give to our clients.

„This is true liberty. There are no strings attached, no hidden secrets that bind you to our service.“

We at OctoLeo will continue to unapologetically promote the emancipation of software architecture and its licensing. In this way we do not only promote our products, but also that the work that has gone into available freedom software receives the recognition it deserves. This knowledge must remain free to benefit everybody willing to look beyond the clutter that tries to block the view of possibilities that still lies ahead of us. The horizon is yet to be explored.

Lead Developer
Meet him as the visionary mind behind OctoLeo and its software that has been changing the way people can integrate software and processes as he shares his wisdom and wit.